Property Management Services

Our team eagerly looks forward to working with you to market your property, find you qualified tenants,
and take the day-to-day stress away from your investment.

Interested in arranging full-service property management for your investment?

We are here to take away the stress of owning investment properties. Investing in real estate shouldn’t mean having more work managing properties on top of your “9-5” job. Let our experienced team of real estate professionals help!

Financial Management

We take care of all rent collection and direct deposit funds to owner’s account monthly. Each deposit is accompanied by a detailed monthly statement of income collected and services rendered. Annual rent increases are performed as per Landlord Tenant Board (LTB) guidelines. Along with all necessary LTB form submissions.


Maintenance Management

Maintenance needs can undoubtedly be the most trying part of managing investment properties. Let us manage these troubles with our 24/7 emergency repair line, in-house contractors available for repairs and maintenance. Our team can take care of coordination of all maintenance and repair work including overseeing major construction and renovation projects.More than coming in when things break, we preform regular property inspections (including move-in and move-out inspections) and design custom maintenance schedules to keep on top of routine maintenance at properties. Preventive maintenance work goes along way in avoiding larger breakdowns.

Premium Rentals

Across the industry, property management rates are defined by percentage of rent collected. Often resulting in high monthly costs for units with higher rents. We understand that particularly in the case of multiplexes, these expensive fees can be the difference between an affordable service and too high a monthly cost. We offer per door pricing for units/properties with monthly rent amounts of $2,000 or more with per door rates starting at just $89/month.

Advanced Features

We eagerly embrace tech advancements and their ability to improve the efficiency of management operations.

  • Online Rental Application Forms
  • Digital Inspection Reports with Photos
  • Tenant Portal (payments, maintenance requests, resources)
  • Electronic Lease Signing

Service Rates

  • Tenant Placement

  • $
    1 Month Rent
  • Online Marketing

  • Onsite Signage

  • Tenant Screening

  • Online Rental Applications

  • Custom Website for New Development Projects

  • Ontario Standard Electronic Lease Agreement

  • List my unit!
  • Monthly Management

  • $
  • Rent collection

  • LTB forms

  • Annual Rent Increases

  • Monthly Management Statements

  • Maintenance & Repair Coordination

  • Customized Maintenance Plans

  • Property Inspections

  • Tenant Portal

  • Manage it!
  • Premium Units*
    Monthly rates starting at

  • $
  • Flat Rate Fee Structure for Premium Units

  • All Standard Management Services

  • Multi-Plex Routine Maintenance Plans

  • Building Inspections

  • Manage It!

*Premium unit pricing available for properties where rent amounts exceed $2,000/month. For more information and for your customized quote, submit the form below and we will be happy to provide a quote based on the services you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can property management services by customized?
Absolutely! We fully understand that each client’s property management needs differ. We are happy to work with you to provide the level of support you need to make your investment a stress-free success. Whether it be a partial service plan or going above and beyond. Additional services may include bill payments, specific maintenance/cleaning needs, renovation planning, construction management, professional referrals within our network of experts.

How do you market available units?
Our professional ads are posted on many high traffic real estate rental websites, and we are constantly searching for the best possible ways to market available units. These marketing platforms include Zumper, Padmapper, Kijiji, Walkscore,, Rent Board, Trovit, Facebook Marketplace, LinkedIn and others in order to attract as many prospective tenants as possible. We also use professional “for rent” signs on and near the property in order to attract prospective tenants looking for rentals in a specific location. See our Residential Leasing page for more information. We specialize in working with developers to fill new construction buildings. We arrange large custom signage to advertise the property, professional photography and designer custom websites for development projects. Check out Our Portfolio for examples.

What type of inspections do you do?
Our standard management services include move-in/move-out inspections, as well as semi-annual property/building inspections. We also do periodic drive-by inspections to verify the upkeep of the property. Additional inspections may be requested at any time (additional fees may apply).

How are payments processed?
Incoming rent payment by tenants may be made by pre-authorized debit, post-dated checks or electronic transfer. Payments are made to owner on the 15th of the month by direct bank deposit.

How do I get started?
Come meet with us! We would love to meet you at our office or your property to present your FREE property management proposal and/or rental evaluation. This proposal will include a rental evaluation for vacant units, analyzing local rental market trends, square footage, feature, area rental rates, neighborhood variables, and local comps. Please complete the form below to provide us with some basic details of your property and we will be in touch shortly.

For more information and for your customized quote, submit the form below and we will be happy to provide a quote based on the services you require.

Property Information

Property Information